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In our final profile in the ‘Brewers for Brewers’ series we caught up with Rocco Antonio Fontana, brewer and owner of East Coast Brewing Company. His brewery is founded on old school values passed down from generations of self starters that respected hard work and never compromised on quality.

East Coast Easy Lager so named after its smooth mouthfeel.

Rocco’s business all started as an experiment in his mother’s kitchen and bloomed into one of the largest and most advanced Independently-owned brewing facilities in Southern Africa. He remembers being inspired by his grandad’s Grapa distilling and in particular the time and care that was taken to produce a quality product. His family’s legacy was forged on hard work and quality. His legacy for creating quality beverages with its cornerstone value of ‘no compromise on product’ was in ingrained in him from an early age.

His magnificent brewery is situated in Umkomaas, a small coastal town on the subtropical south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The state of the art facility brews a Easy Lager with a smooth malt backbone and a Session India Pale Ale (SIPA) packed with American hop aromas and flavours. They dominate the south east coast with over hundred taps. At present they are a hyper regional brewery that embodies the craft notion of supporting and been supported by there local community. Their much loved tap room is a thriving hub and was created to be a meeting point for family, friends and beer enthusiasts who enjoy good food, drinks and company.

East Coast Tap Room

Rocco fiercely guards his legacy through the use of only the best ingredients, 100% pure malt, internationally sourced hops, with absolutely zero adjuncts or added sugars. To maintain his legacy he has partnered up with Africa Hops and his proud user of Simpson’s Malt and Simply Hops , “Africa Hops gives my beer the flavour profile needed which complements the other ingredients perfectly”, remarks Rocco. “Being brewers themselves, they understand that quality of product is of utmost importance”, he continues.

“Being brewers themselves, they understand that quality of product is of utmost importance”.

Rocco Antonio Fontana

Rocco continues to highlight that his successful partnership with Africa Hops is based on , “Africa Hops being owned and operated by brewers, understands the demands and needs of the beer drinking customers and the challenges that need to be overcome in order to produce something extraordinary”. He believes that working with Africa Hops gives him an competitive advantage, “Absolutely! it’s all in the taste and quality of the beer, which is a result of the high quality ingredients used”.

A range of East Coast Brewing Companies quality beers

We are proud to be apart of safe guarding Rocco’s families legacy and helping him build his own for future generations to cherish. Seek out the East Coast legacy, support local, drink local and help build South Africa’s appreciation for quality beer.

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