African Beer Cup

Brewing beer is not an easy endeavour, brewing award winning beer belongs to the realm of the expert, dedicated and passionate. We are proud to be associated with brewers who are at the pinnacle of their craft. Twenty-two brewers that we supply with hops, malt and yeast via our global partners took home awards including a staggering ten gold medals d an the best beer in Africa.

Last week saw the conclusion of the first ever African Beer Cup at an awards ceremony during the Craft Brewers Pow Wow 2019 at Darling Brew’s Taster Room in Woodstock. The atmosphere was electric as the industry came together around their shared loved for beer. It was an emotional evening for many as it was a chance to celebrate after all the toil and care that leads to creating Africa’s best beers.

Africa Hops customers took home 43 medals out of the total 55 awarded

The African Beer Cup, co founded by Lucy Corne and Shawn Duthie, introduced a judging process that has not been used in South African competitions before. Panels of judges included BJCP certified judges, brewers, chefs and sommeliers. Every beer was evaluated at least twice, once in Cape Town and another in Johannesburg. It was the most thorough evaluation of beers yet in South Africa. It was widely lauded for being a well organised process with brewers and judges alike signing the competitions praise. An incredible feat considering it was its inaugural year and the complicated logistics involved.

The highlight of the evening was the awarding of the ‘Best Beer in Africa’ award for the first time. Drifter Brewing Company took the honours with their Stormy Smoked Porter.

Africa Hops customers took home 43 medals out of the total 55 awarded which is testament to their continued commitment to brewing with the best ingredients and no compromising on quality. We are proud to work with these talented and dedicate brewing teams who are able to extract the flavour profile potential from raw ingredients through skill and nous of a craftsman.

Well done all, congratulations, you deserve to celebrate and we applaud you.


Award Winning Customers


Shield’s Indie Brewing Company
Mad Giant Brewing Company
Hoghouse Brewing Company
Cape Brewing Company
Darling Brew
Urban Brewing Company
Brauhaus Am Damm
Hazeldean Brewing Company
Clockwork Brewhouse

Doctrine Brewing

Jack Black’s Brewing Company
Berg River Brewery
Little Wolf Brewery
Stellenbosch Brewing
Newlands Spring Brewing Company
Oxenham Craft Brewery
Afro-Caribbean Brewing Company
Franschhoek Beer Co
Richmond Hill Brewing Company
Drifter Brewing Company
Riot Brewery
Hey Joe Brewing Co
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