The Hop’s Journey

The Hop’s Journey is a series of mini blogs that follows the hop from bine to beer. We look to highlight the care that is taken from botany to curator to the artist and finally the magic that results in your sipping pleasure.

Hops come from bines, not vines. This is not a simple clever exchange of a letter that corresponds with the word beer but rather an different plant all together. These perennial herbaceous plants send up shoot at a rapid rate and produce hop cones which are harvested by specialist hop farmers. Native to temperate regions in the Northern hemisphere the cones are harvested, processed and packed with care. Loaded on refrigerated freights and sent around the world.

They find there way into the hands of artist, these are brewers who do not compromise on quality and know that by using the best hops you can buy they are creating magic through a the addition of hops and the transformation process of fermentation.

Want to hear more about this journey from bine to beer. keep reading our blog series which will be released weekly.

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