Why Partner with Africa Hops?

We are a South African business owned and run by brewers since 2014. We believe in providing the best quality ingredients. The best beers are not just wrapped in beautiful well designed packaging but their true beauty is down to the working parts which create a high quality sensory experience. Africa Hops understand that quality products need to be sourced from global experts, treated correctly and curated. As brewers and owners of a start up brewery we understand the daily challenges and what it takes to make award winning beers. 

The Best Ingredients

We have partnered up with global experts to bring you the best quality ingredients which will give you a competitive advantage in an increasingly educated and competitive market.


All hops are carefully imported through 100% cold chain ensuring, freshness and vibrancy that will translate into the beer and the drinking experience. We have partnered with global hops leaders Simply Hops and Barth-Hass Group to bring you beers that stand out.
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Africa Hops believes that the building blocks of making a beer that stands out starts with Malt. Simpsons is simply the best malt you can get in the market. It not only imparts quality flavour for the backbone of your beer's development but also ensures the best yield making it more economical.
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Always innovating, White Labs is the world leader in yeast and fermentation, from the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast, to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, our innovative spirit is tireless.
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Quality Service

We are brewers who have built relationships with our clients based on trust and quality client customer care.

Brewers for Brewers

We are brewers with passion and expertise to be able to advise professionally with the client service to back up our promises.

Relationship Building

We have built relationships with the countries best brewers who share our mission to produce the best possible beer as a competitive advantage

24/7 support

We care about your business and are always on call for ingredient and recipe related questions to get the best out of products.

Guaranteed Supply

A unique business model allowing forward stock allocations to ensure you never run out of ingredients. A proactive system of forward contracts that allows you to plan ahead and not have to make reactive recipe changes due to lack of quality ingredients. Designed to be forward thinking with no compromising on quality. 
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Our biggest challenge was ensuring a constant, fresh supply of hops. Africa Hops has solved this issue for us with the much needed hop contracts as well as multiple allocations throughout the year.
Niall Cook

Niall Cook

Richmond Hill Brewing Company

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